My Journey to GROWTH!

Angie Harvey

From a stutterer to a public speaker, from a bullied fat girl to a self-confident woman, from a depressed young adult to an emotionally healthy and stable one, and from a grown woman to a Woman on the Grow. Angie Harvey does so well taking the journey with others because she has traveled the journey herself. As she continues her own personal growth journey she has been inspired to be open to being the guide for others who have a desire to create the greatness they desire and deserve. She is one of the most down to earth, tell it like it is, engaging and passional speakers you’ll ever grow up with.

Her passion for helping grown folks grow up can be heard in her conversation, seen in her intentional actions and witnessed in her purposeful behavior. For 17 years Angie has worked tirelessly to facilitate, promote, and highlight the importance of personal growth and the necessity for everyone to engage in the activity on a mental, emotional and spiritual level. Her gift of engagement is so powerful that you only need to be in her presence a few minutes to be drawn to the possibility of what she is presenting.

Angie is a transparent, motivating, empowering visionary whose mission is to touch and positively change as many lives as possible. She currently does this in numerous ways; she hosts an online radio show, Conversations with Angie Harvey.  She also delivers hope, education and inspiration daily via social media and has speaking engagements all over the country.

There is no mistaking why she is a sought after speaker, presenter and advisor; she s0ws knowledge, information and growth together and excites and entertains her audience with funny, real life, captivating style of delivery that helps with application of the knowledge she shares. Angie’s mission is not only to deliver a message but also to be sure that folks know how to use it to create the change they desire and deserve. It doesn’t matter if you encounter her at a retreat, a company training, or one on one she will spark growth and dispense knowledge that is contagious.

Her dedication to helping grown folks grow up is something apparent, visible and real. She brings the compassion of Oprah, the knowledge of Dr. Phil, the humor of Whoopi Goldberg and speaking qualities of Barack Obama. Anyone would benefit from growing up with Angie Harvey.


Because anything that isn’t GROWING, is dead!

I'm Ready to GROW!

Let’s T.A.L.K. University

Let's Together Acquire Lasting Knowledge

In 2002 Angie founded Let’s T.A.L.K. to help bridge the gap between being GROWN and GROWING.  In 2015 that vision evolved into Let’s T.A.L.K. University, which addresses and feeds our human need to connect and GROW in ways that most of us aren’t actively taught in traditional schools or universities.  Let’s T.A.L.K. University campus is located in Raleigh, North Carolina and hosts corporate  training/retreats, workshops, boot camps, retreats and personalized guided journeys to cover the gamut of ways that individuals, couples, and families take in knowledge and are most open to learning and GROWING.

Growing Folks Apparel

All of my adult life I’ve intentionally and with purpose helped GROWN folks GROW up. This line of GROWING Folks Apparel has messages that speak to the person wearing it and all those that will read it. I’m hopeful the messages will be thought provoking, mentally stimulating, spark conscious conversations, challenge made up minds, promote GROWTH and empower all. I’m a woman on the GROW and through this custom apparel and motivational t-shirts I’m inviting everyone to GROW with me.