by Angie Harvey

I say to you today my GROWING people  … we all need to dream.

1) Let’s dream that one day this nation will promote, foster and value the emotional intelligence of individuals as much they do mental intelligence.

2) Let’s dream that one day in the cities and the suburbs children and young adults will be empowered earlier in their years to acquiring the information needed to be GROW into adulthood and that it be made mandatory and not optional.

3) Let’s dream that one day GROWN folks, those that think they already know all that they need to will become aware of the essential element of constant and continual knowledge to maintain their GROWN status and more importantly for them to embrace the necessity for every GROWN person to keep GROWING. 

4) Let’s dream that one day my daughter, granddaughters,  nieces, nephews, and cousins will confidently be able to speak their truth, identify their feelings and emotions as readily as they can the capitals of states and the square root of numbers!!

5) Let’s dream that one day the school systems, large and small see the need to educate our children on the subjects of self confidence, self esteem, dream catching, relationship building, effective compromising and communication skills as they do history, algebra, foreign language and physical education.

Yes, let’s keep dreaming …

6) Let’s dream today, that our parents and their parents are forgiven by their children and that those children raise and teach their children not just from experiential knowledge but acquire knowledge and GROWTH and that the knowledge needed to show and improve is readily available, affordable and often sought.

7) Let’s dream that one day we all will understand that we don’t go from work to home but rather from work to work and without putting in the work we will never live abundantly with deserved and desired emotional, mental or spiritual freedom.  This freedom is beyond the freedom that was fought for by our parents and their parents to bring justice and equality for all men and women.  They were able to see that day.  However, we still live in bondage.  We no longer have slave masters as we have assumed their positions and without fail hold captive our emotions, spirituality, and mental health by lacking the knowledge and denying responsibility to keep GROWING up.  Being able to to express yourself, love yourself, communicate your truth, love and trust one another and realize your purpose – THAT is the new freedom.  

8) Let’s dream and pray the day comes that the majority and minority, LGBTQ and all the other letters of the alphabet can stand side by side, hand in hand equipped with the freedom that was predestined for all of us and sing in the words of the old R & B turned Gospel song, I believe I can fly.  I do believe we can fly.  Let’s continue to dream. 

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