by Angie Harvey

When I was a kid we used to sing this song as we jumped rope; ‘Down in the valley where the green grass grows.’  As I entered into young adulthood I realized that grass isn’t the only thing that grows in the valley; we do too.  Yes, when life sends us tumbling into dark places, chaos, confusion, despair, uncertainty, trauma and hard times; the valley, it is in this place that we’re supposed to GROW.

There is likely not a day that goes by that I don’t hear someone complaining about being in the valley.  We complain that don’t have what we think we need, we’ve been wronged by someone or we just fall short of what we wanted to accomplish. We moan and groan when we’ve been catapulted to a place that leaves us feeling disadvantaged, helpless, hopeless, embarrassed, lacking and out of control. 

If the valley is dark enough we’ll likely call on God, ask Him why and then pray for the quickest way out.  We don’t want to sit in valley, look around the valley, get comfortable in the valley, know the purpose of the valley or consider the perks of the valley.  We just want out and likely, if we think someone else caused our trip to the valley we’ll also want to seek revenge.  Most folks, including myself want to spend as little time as possible in the valley, namely because it’s also where we feel the greatest pain, hurt, frustration, anger, and sadness.

However, the valley, from my personal, professional and spiritual vantage point is also the place that provides the greatest blessings, life lessons, and needed GROWTH.  Yes, experiencing hard times, being in dark places and being in the valley is not only a good thing but very necessary.  I’ve GROWN to a place where I not only surrender to my journey to the valley but once I’m there, in the thick of things I seek to extract as many lessons as possible.  

No, I’m not in a hurry to leave, asking why I deserved to be there or quick to point out who is responsible of my return visit.  I know all to well that I’m there for the lessons (duh!!) and if I attempt to run from it versus GROW through it I’ll surely have to return sooner than I’d like. Also, whoever assisted in my push to the valley also inadvertently assisting in my GROWTH in the valley.  So I’m encouraging you to spend less time fighting your descend to the valley and more time preparing for the search of the valuable made lessons, tailor made blessings, and necessary GROWTH.  

So I’ve remixed  the song a little to give you some motivation;

Down in the valley were GROWN folks GROW

There sits Angie nervous but willing to go

She waited, then landed in the valley so sweet

Then along came her lessons that where planted at her feet

How many lessons did she receive?

1, 2, 3, 4, 5 …

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  • Troshell says:

    This speaks volumes. So often we want the valley to be a quick fix. Instead we should relish in the Valley Expierence.

  • Sonya Thompkins says:

    Its only in the valley where we can receive our growth spurts! The valley for me offers clarity as well. I thank God for my valley days.

  • Vickey Sumpter says:

    That’s great 😁, you remind me of how your father would reflect on different situations that was important to us all. I 💕 your perspective on our situation, God Bless and keep you always. Vickey

  • Lisa Fair says:

    Amazing this is

  • Sabah Bryant says:

    This is such a powerful and real message, work. Your courage to share your continued victories from valley’s is everything!!

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