by Angie Harvey 

We seem to be more aware of mental health and wellness these days so I thought that now would be a good time to remind you to watch your mouth.  What we think along with what we speak does affect our mental health.  We’ve become so humdrum about life that we settle for OK, which is not an emotion instead of identifying a valid emotion when asked how we are feeling?  We use words like OK to identify where we are emotionally and I’m confident as I type these words that being OK has become the depressed.

No, I’m not diagnosing anyone without an assessment.  We can have a depressed mood without being diagnosed with depression.   What I have assessed is that we often speak mediocrity into our lives and then wonder why we’re just OK.  We’ve become so complacent with being OK that it is our new normal; our go to response.  We use the word, settle on the emotion and then trek through life not being able to smell the roses because we can on feel the thorns on them.  If what we think is what we will feel and if what we speak dictates how we feel than I’m suggesting that we all dismiss OK and find us some great, fantastic, amazing, wonderful and blessed. 

Yes, I know that there are times when that isn’t what you’re feeling.  And yes, I know that there are many things going on in this world that make you feel depressed.  However, if you’re bold enough to want to feel better you have to be bold enough to speak better.  If OK has become your go to emotion change it up.  I personally use joyful as my go to emotion.  On those days that I’m emotionally higher I use the word excited to describe my mood.  On the rare occasion that I’m not excited or joyful I say that I’m working my way back to those places.   I’m careful not to give into a fleeting or temporary adverse emotion or circumstance that could potential damage my fantastic day.  

Your new go to emotion should be something you proclaim with authority, intention and excitement.  You should not give yourself another option but to be what you proclaim.  It should be your only option and if you’re not there you should always be headed in that direction.  I know that you’re thinking this is all smoke and mirrors and if you have a depressed mood saying that you’re fantastic won’t make that better.  My response to that is you have to first get there to prove me wrong. 

You actually wouldn’t just be proving me wrong but also all the researchers that say we’re able to talk ourselves into and out of OK.  How do you think you got there in the first place?  The great thing about knowledge is that it gives you power AND responsibility.  You now  have the power and are responsible to GROW past OK and to get lost in the land of great, wonderful and fantastic.  Don’t forget not to give yourself other options.  Don’t look now but you’ve just been upgraded! 

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  • Tammy Duarte says:

    Wow. This was a Powerful read. I believe you can speak into your own life a positive force. Thanks for sharing!

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