When we say it out loud it sounds ridiculous. “Excuse me, have you seen my happiness?”  What in the world are we thinking believing  we  should attempt to be looking to someone else, something else, some place else for our very own happiness? The Declaration of Independence even gives us the illusion that we need to seek it by stating it’s a “pursuit of happiness”.  As stated it would appear that we have to go looking for it and many of us have done just that. Searching and seeking for something that we never got confirmation of what it looks like, what it feels like or how to know if it belongs to us.  

According to Webster’s dictionary happiness is good fortune, a state of well-being and contentment, or a pleasurable or satisfying experience.  In my world happiness is simply a pleasantly elevated state of mind. 

     Here are 7 places you won’t find YOUR happiness:

  1. In the square footage of your home
  2. In your checking or savings account
  3. In the eyes of your partner/spouse
  4. In your title or degree
  5. In your work evaluation or academic grades
  6. At a car dealership
  7. In the children

Someone decided to put happiness in the last place we would think to look for it: right inside us, our soul, our spirit, and our mind. That’s right our happiness is accessible to us 24/7.  Knowledge is power but knowledge is also responsibility.  Yes, we are responsible for our happiness and how we GROW about creating, enhancing, and maintaining it.  Did I lose you?  That’s right, no more excuses! No more blaming our mother, our father, our siblings, our environment, our childhood, our teachers, our supervisor, or your financial situation.  If we want or have to blame someone for our absence or lack of happiness at this point in life we would likely have to blame ourselves. We can’t have a testimony without a test but the tests were never meant to be so earth shattering that we couldn’t GROW from them.  The tests are to provide lessons, the kind that we examine and make conscious efforts to learn and grow from. 

Experiencing happiness everyday of our life is no more challenging than allowing ourselves to remain in a constant state of conscious depression, sadness or frustration. As easily as we can talk ourself into believing that we aren’t worthy of greatness, that nothing good is ever going to happen for us and that life is only filled with brief moments of being just OK we can simply say the opposite and do what it takes to make it happen.  If I’m putting too much pressure on you … GOOD!   The key to achieving happiness in our life is taking complete responsibility of doing, saying, thinking, creating, believing and maintaining the state of mind we desire.  We should strive to treat ourselves as good if not better than we treat others.  No, that doesn’t make us selfish, as we’ve been taught, it makes us happy.  So stop looking for happiness all around you and just look for it inside you, then activate it.  

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